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Timeshare and Brexit

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  • Timeshare and Brexit

    Somebody elsewhere recently alluded to Brexit and made a comparison with Timeshare. One person likened it to timeshare whilst another took an opposing view stating that we made a commitment to Europe and therefore we as the UK were obliged to fulfil that commitment. Now my thinking is that this is where we can liken being part of the European Union as like being with certain developers. We joined Europe as a strategic partnership of nations (The common market) with the undertaking that nations would be better served by being in rather than out. Then slowly but surely people from outside the UK took a firmer grip of our destiny and started to erode what we had bought into by slowly moving the goalposts. So today we find an EU which is now entirely different to what we bought into all those years ago and we find ourselves unable to enjoy the promised benefits of what we originally bought. I say bought because like it or not the Uk makes a greater financial contribution to Europe than we get back.
    Similarly, some Timeshare developers have changed the goalposts so we can no longer enjoy what we all bought into. Members rights have been eroded and in some cases it could be said rights have been removed by stealth. This has been brought about using a variety of methods which include and are not limited to changing resort constitutions, creating tier systems so that members who once were all on equal terms suddenly find that some members have become "more equal" than others. Even then those who became "more equal" in order to achieve benefits suddenly find themselves with those benefits removed and a further carrot dangled before them as an inducement to buy more.
    In conclusion. I find that both the EU and some Timeshare Developers no longer offer what many bought into in the first instance.
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    I fully agree I as a young man at the time thought it would be a good way of us exporting goods and importing' goods easily there was nothing about free movement but we still managed to go to other European countries using our passports and filling in an entry form on the plane. There was no mention of free movement or Eu parliaments or courts I have thought before that it must of been set up by Timeshare salesmen. Another thing there was never any mention of VAT


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      Yes. We bought in to a Common Market and they slowly moved the goalposts and tried to sell us Federalism by stealth..


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        and in return they gave well paid jobs to ex mp,s etc to keep them onside