You are a Timeshare owner- Will someone try to scam you?

The answer to the above question is - Undoubtedly yes!!

There is always somebody out there looking for the next "dodge" It is not just timeshare where scams take place. It is everywhere.... We have our Bank Accounts under attack, our Telephone and Insurance Accounts, PayPal, Amazon etc. used as targets by scammers. Begging letters through the post from "charities" whose Ceo`s are paid more than our Prime Minister.

Why should this be? How does it pay?

The simple answer is that it is just a numbers game. These people are highly trained, highly schooled and well informed. If you are contacted out of the blue with regards to your timeshare holding it is very likely that you are being targeted with a scam.

But Why!? Why Me?
The answer is that you are a better than average target. The reason for this is the simple fact that 85% of timeshare owners are happy with their products. Which must mean that 15% are not.

With successful cold sales pitches on anything from selling new kitchens, double glazing, conservatories ect. running at around 3% this makes this 15% target area look very attractive indeed, particularly for someone who has timeshare sales experience but got sacked for mis- selling. On clearing their desk they also take with them a memory stick with all your details along with thousands of others. Any wonder then that the cold calls follow when fifteen calls out of every hundred will receive a possible receptive ear.
So lets look at the possible cures. To do this we first need to look at the possible causes.

1) The reason the scammers are out there?
Most scams are run by ex timeshare sales people. The reason they are ex timeshare sales people is because they were removed from their jobs for failing in some way or another. Often they were reported as making promises to purchasers of timeshare (just to make the sale)that the company were not willing to keep.
Timeshare companies often use self employed sales who work on a "commission only" basis. In the instances of complaints after the monies have changed hands the developers response is often. "We do not employ them and so they are not our responsibility." Or "Did you get that in writing or in the contract" If not "Sorry Sir. Have you taken it up with the salesman."

2) After sales services. That is teaching purchasers how to use their products effectively, is virtually none existent within the timeshare industry. The reason for this may well be that further sales could ensue in the future by offering up a solution to the consumers inability to use the products effectively. That solution is simply to buy more products in order to "raise yourself to the next level" which is promised to be "far better for you." You then find, to your cost, that it is no better for you as the fact is that in reality you have just lumbered yourself with more of what you do not know how to use.

The Cures
It is our experience that the majority of people who are unhappy with their timeshare products are those who fail to use them effectively. Once they learn how to use the products to their advantage, they appreciate the huge benefits that timeshare offers over the uncertainties and costs of package holidays. Whilst we agree. You can get good package holidays. Are you ever sure? We take holidays to relax and restore our wellbeing. We do not need to be stressed out about a pending holiday simply because we are not sure what we are heading towards. Timeshare sets standards and we as owners are repeat customers and as the ambassadors of resorts we are generally treated accordingly.
The major reason for the lack of confidence in timeshare products is the failure of consumers to "work the systems" and this is down to a lack of after sales tutorials on behalf of the Developers.

Our forums and Guides are designed to instruct and teach readers how best to use the systems they have bought in to. Over 50% of the unhappy users become converted to the benefits of timeshare once they learn how to effectively use the products. If we can teach everybody effective use of timeshare then the 85% of happy users increases to 92% or 93%. What about the other 7% or 8% you may ask. This is still far too many some may say. Well if we consider that timeshare has been going for around 30 years we realise that age becomes an issue for some users. Some people owning timeshare are in their late 70, even 80s and 90s. They can no longer travel long distances in comfort as they are infirm, disabled or confused. They want out and so they become easy prey for the scammers.

Some get attracted by the rash promises of selling their products for large sums. So they pay up front fees to some Reseller to do very little on the pretext of widely advertising their unwanted timeshare to achieve a sale which never materialises and suddenly 6 months or a year has gone by with no sale but "your unwanted timeshare can be re advertised at a discount for a further period." Resellers are getting a lot of money for doing very little and it really needs to change. Remember. Being widely advertised means that it goes on a list with thousands of others and so gets very little individual exposure. There are better ways which not only offer far better opportunities but far better value for money too.