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Warning to owners on bogus lawyers

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  • Timeshare Insider
    Once again Inside Timeshare has posted new warnings on so called claims companies and fake law firms, a new name and website has come up for the Tenerife group of "lawyers". Modus operandi is the same as before. New lawyers names but same old photographs.


    Please beware.

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  • Timeshare Insider
    started a topic Warning to owners on bogus lawyers

    Warning to owners on bogus lawyers

    Today Inside Timeshare has published another article on a series of fake law firms operating out of Tenerife. It highlights how it works and the various phases to this very sophisticated and elaborate scam. Inside Timeshare has been investigating and publishing warnings about them since September 2016, unfortunately they keep going, with people finding these articles too late, having already paid them. With the help of this forum, we might just bring it to wider attention. Follow the link to the latest article and use the search box to follow the complete story.


    Hopefully with your help we can stop others being conned.