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Are the Reps making a comeback at Diamond?

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  • Are the Reps making a comeback at Diamond?

    Word on the street is that the sales decks at Diamond Europe are to start up again.
    Rumour is that, this time the sales will be totally independent of DRI. So does this mean that they can tell even more lies than in the past with Diamond pleading that it is not their responsibility?

    If so it will hit the fan. Like how!!! It will mean tin hats on for the industry in Europe for sure!

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    As a Mod I get email notification of all posts.

    Wow! That is impressive Sunseeker. You must be following me around, as not 2 hours ago I posed the question to someone in the know. "Are sales coming back at Diamond"? I got a very short and unqualified YES!!

    We will bring you news as we hear it!


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      Concierge and Reps back at some resorts commencing tomorrow.
      No further details as yet.


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        According to sources at 2.30 today the bunker at Royal Sunset Beach Club was still gated and still unoccupied and the concierge were nowhere to be seen so the consumers are safe from the lies for now at least. Concierge desk at Sunset Bay was being used as VIP check in. Though who these VIPs are remains to be a mystery to most members.


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          Nobody at Beach Club Sunset Bay or Harbour today either.
          Is the news about Reps returning just designed to scare Diamond members?
          You have to live in hope folks!!