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The Wind Of Change Is Slowly Blowing Through Timeshare In The USA

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  • The Wind Of Change Is Slowly Blowing Through Timeshare In The USA

    As developers try to respond to the clamor for the creation of better deals for their consumers. Over in the USA,
    some are manfully facing up to their responsibilities to their customers, while others are simply running for the hills.


    We have one or two running for the hills over here in Europe too but, in the main, heads remain firmly in the usual place. Whatever are they looking for down there? Nobody is too sure.
    They do need to find it soon though.
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    Interesting to see that there are those actually at last recognising the problem they have of locking members in. How that mindset would be one of the factors that would deter holiday makers considering timeshare.


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      Reading between the lines.
      It looks like ILG are using Apollo / Diamond as a means of pressing Marriotts as they seem to be the real target.
      It will be a shame if that is the reason for the supposed interest in a merger with Apollo.
      They have brought nothing positive to the table for Diamond members since their acquisition and it seems to me that their reputation here in Europe and even more so in America has taken a downward spiral.
      Making nearly all the reps and concierge redundant here in Europe appears to be an act of surrender, bowing to the weight of bad publicity that the sales teams of reps and concierge have been responsible for generating simply by not being effectively managed by a succession of sales directors.

      A huge change in emphasis is needed to stop the rot and fresh ownership could have been the way forward.

      The consumer is the revenue generator.
      Timeshare needs to be managed from the customer base progressing upward, not from the developer progressing downwards.