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Further news on the Class Action against DRI

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  • Further news on the Class Action against DRI

    The plaintiffs are seeking compensatory damages, which includes interest, reasonable costs and expenses, including counsel and expert fees. They are also seeking an injunction prohibiting DRI from continuing to market and sell unregistered securities. They also seek the right to cancel their purchases of points and memberships in order to get their monies back and are asking for any other costs that the court may decide to grant them.

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    Irene Parker has published further details on this pending case and it seems to show the amounts involved to be in excess of 5 million US dollars and does not include any court costs or interest . Irene has put together a comprehensive list of what the plaintiffs say they were told in the selling processes and for those interested these can be found today 13th Feb on her regular blogspot on ...insidetimeshare.com

    inside timeshare is run by Timeshare Insider who is also a contributor on this, our forum.

    One of our aims as consumers is to work towards a collective consumer voice that is recognised and listened to by the industry and to that end we are prepared to work with and welcome any organisations who have the interests of timeshare consumers at the forefront of their agendas.