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BBC 2 RDO CEO Tells all... Well not quite!

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  • BBC 2 RDO CEO Tells all... Well not quite!

    Interesting program on Victoria Derbyshire this morning 5th Feb

    It`s not what you say on the program Mr Bougaard. It`s what you do not say... Like the allegation the EU Commission only consulted 5 timeshare consumers out of 600.00 in the UK! You also conveniently forgot to mention the fact that you were once employed by the European Commission.
    What about the fact that the Consumer Association who were consulted by the EU were mainly funded by RDO and their member Developers? This Consumer Association then went on to lobby on the developers behalf to allow the RDO and those member developers to continue policing the industry, as they have done for years! The same processes that have seen timeshare become a more difficult product to promote with those developers that lock in their members. Perhaps the developers may have had their own agenda rather than considering their own timeshare members?. Did the developers consult their own timeshare members regarding exit strategies? I wonder if there could there have been a conflict of interest? Even though it is alleged that RDO members (Developers) only represent a very small number of timeshare consumers. That figure being said to be less than 10%
    The Consumer Association in question that had work shop meetings with the EU has since gone into administration after it`s CEO instructed his employees to put false information on its website. It was taken to court and found guilty racking up awards and costs in excess of £25000. Which it failed to pay and was therefore put into administration.
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