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Leisure Credits Is this the end?

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  • Leisure Credits Is this the end?

    With the news of guilty pleads by two EZE Group Directors with regards to illegalities in the selling of the virtually worthless Leisure Credits and the further news that raids by authorised agencies have taken place at the many offices of Monster Travel who were another company selling Leisure Credits using the "bait and switch" tactic. We have to hope that we are finally seeing the beginings of the end for there type of companies who remorslessly preyed on the desperate and the vulnerable. We have to also hope that others who were involved at various stages of these operations finds themselves in the dock too and ends up doing some richly deserved time behind bars at her majestys pleasure. It would seem from reports that one little bird is singing from the rooftops in the hope of escaping being implicated but it may well be a forlorn hope and he too may get his collar felt.
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    Has anybody frequenting these forums any experience of Leisure Credits or the companies peddling them or any companies associated or connected to this seemingly dubious product?
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      This is part of an article on inside timeshare
      Silverpoint based in Tenerife and headed by Mark Cushway, have not only closed their sales decks, but have now set up two companies to offer their own clients a relinquishment service!

      One company has been identified as Centaurus Mediations SL, which was highlighted on 15 January. They are contacting clients with the story that the only way out of their timeshare and maintenance fees, is to pay them to relinquish the timeshare. James, one of the callers also tells them that Excel has taken over and that no one will get any compensation for any claims.

      How do we make this link, very simple, the information that the caller has on the timeshare owner can only have come from one place, Silverpoint! The caller knew that they had employed ReclaimGC and CLA to institute a claim against Silverpoint, so we leave you to make up your own mind. A fuller story will be published in due course, once all the information has been processed


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        See Thought for Today Lawnmower75.