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    Sometime last November the new owners of Diamond Resorts, Apollo, decided to close the European Sales operations. So all or most of the sales team were "surplus to requirements" We have to assume that the adverse publicity that these sales teams have generated over many years of lies and high pressure selling has played a major part in the closure. It is safe to assume that sales of points at Diamond have dipped to such a level as to make the sales and marketing no longer cost effective. A knock on effect of this is that it was also decided that the concierge ladies were also no longer required so they too lost their jobs. This highlighted the much suggested theory that the real role of these ladies had very little to do with concierge services as they were little more than feeders to the sales sharks. This information does raise one possible intriguing question. I wonder if it will be asked anywhere?

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    Will the closure of the sales decks at Diamond Resorts and the movement away from Timeshare by Silverpoints lead to a growth of fake companies selling any manner of scams to timeshare users? Also is there the possibility of some reps seeking revenge for the loss of their lucrative income by indulging in a spot of whistleblowing? Having had no consciences about selling a pack of lies to their victims I don`t suppose that there would be many who would not be prepared to sell their former paymasters down the river for a small payment from the media.