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Is this really progressive news?

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  • Is this really progressive news?

    As DRI notify all European members of a serious downscaling of sales personnel in Europe. Do we take it that at last, the seriously flawed sales and marketing model that they have relied on for the last 30 or so years, does not work in the internet savvy world we have today and at last, after we have been telling the industry for many more years than I care to remember, they have finally accepted that change must take place. We must now hope that as has been the case with other timeshare companies that change is not at the expense of the long suffering membership.
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    The latest on this is that a Timeshare Relinquishment Company is now spreading rumours that DRI are looking to divest themselves of a number of resorts ie. 4 in Tenerife and others on Gran Canaria and Lanzarote. This is obviously being done in an effort to panic gullible members into using their company relinquishing services, for some exorbitant fee no doubt.
    What will occur in the future at DRI is known only to those involved in running the company and everything that we will be hearing from those who pretend to be in the know about future events is purely guesswork and most will likely be just mischief making in an effort to create business for themselves so our advice is to sit tight and wait for any official announcements from DRI.