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RCI to acquire Dial and Exchange?

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  • RCI to acquire Dial and Exchange?

    RCI, which is part of the Wyndham Worldwide Group, are reported to have reached an agreement with vacation group Beneficium to acquire Dial An Exchange, a leading Timeshare Exchange Company whose headquarters are currently in Australia.
    The deal is subject to certain conditions, including receipt of applicable regulatory approval. Once approved it is then expected that DaE’s offices in Australia, New Zealand, US and Egypt will become part of RCI.
    As part of the RCI. DaE is expected to benefit from the core RCI products which have been developed over many years. DaE will also enjoy the added resources that come with being part of RCI.
    DaE, has established an extremely strong and loyal consumer base over its 20 years existence. In order to maintain that loyalty, it will continue to be run as an independent brand and will be marketed entirely separately from RCI. However, the similarities between the Exchange led areas of each business may inevitably lead to a greater working partnership between the two and hopefully a greater choice for consumers.
    DaE will continue to be led by co-founder Francis Taylor as managing director.
    “This may provide DaE with the resources it needs to fulfil its ultimate potential,” said Taylor. “It’s a great opportunity for the company and its dedicated staff around the world.”

    *Dial An Exchange Limited, which operates DAE’s services in Europe, is not included within the scope of this transaction and currently continues to operate as an independent business while also maintaining its membership of RDO.
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    Time will tell whether RCI will influence Policy or allow its RCI members to access Dial inventory.


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      If the two entities are to remain independent, the question may well be, will RCI members be allowed to access DaE inventory, particularly if depositors of exchanges have historically chosen to place their weeks with DaE in preference to RCI? . We must consider also that the reverse may well apply and that owners who habitually exchange with RCI may not be overly happy with their exchanges going in to a shared pot with the loyal DaE exchangers. I can see some interesting stats revealing themselves in future years.
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        I have read elsewhere of a certain unease with people saying that if DaE in Europe becomes embroiled and influenced unduly with the corporate impersonal systems of RCI then they will be looking at other options for their exchanges.
        Maybe there will be a statement from DaE placed somewhere which clarifies the situation regarding possible future changes if any?