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    This is a posting claiming to be from Freddy Boyw I have never seen him post anything about this on timesharetalk he always posted about where he was going on holiday and asking for advice where to go I think his name has been used by someone to discredit this company that seems to be getting results for owners in the Canaries
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    « on: January 12, 2018, 17:26:52 »

    Please people DO NOT touch these people, Canarian Legal Alliance, or you will live to regret it the same as I have. I very stupidly believed their “credible” speech when they contacted me 5 years ago when they told me that they had won previous cases and could get me my money back. I paid them £10.000 in advance and although they told me that they won my case for me I have never received a penny from them. I have spent so much time and money trying to contact them to get what they owe me and all for nothing in return. How strange it is that as soon as they had my money I could no longer contact them!! These people are nothing but crooks and my only way of feeling better now is if I can stop someone else becoming one of their innocent victims. Please, please keep away from them or you will end up like me out of pocket and nothing to show for it. Thanks. Freddy.
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    Why don`t you check by private messaging Freddy on that forum or better still Email him by using the email facility in his profile on there ?

    I no longer log on to that site and asked to be removed from moderating on there because when it was taken over they created new terms and conditions that I felt I could not agree to . But they have never removed me as per my email request which I blind copied in to a number of other members on there.


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      I cannot get to the members page as I am banned from the site I use a VPN that uses random ip addresses I can only view topics


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        Tell me what you did and then I can replicate it on there and maybe they will ban me too....It could be a way of getting them to finally comply with my request and remove me as a moderator


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          At the time people were posting about Mark Rowe's companies anyone who put an answer to the postings with advice was taken down so it looked like no one was answering fully expecting to be banned I posted a large article from Tess & Inside Timeshare about Rowe and his companies I did it on a Friday night as I thought it might last the weekend on the Monday they were gone so was I


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            Nothing really lost to you them if it is being so heavily censored that nobody can post news of events in and around timeshare. Our policy on here is that we permit news about events if they are factual and out elsewhere on the internet or in the media.Obviously forums have to be sensitive to allegations and unproven statements. There does seem to be a lot of activity out there at the moment but we have to refrain from commenting on it for the time being as it is currently just rumour and speculation . Until such times as rumour becomes fact we frustratingly feel we must keep our counsel.


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              It can be quite interesting to see the IP of guests viewing this topic sometimes.
              I once remember being removed from a forum and a few weeks later the forum had gone so dead that I was invited back. I never did go back and it became virtually a ghost site with only the site owner and a few false names he had created ever posting on there. It became so obvious that there were no longer any genuine posters as the topics were so slanted in the direction that he wished to lead the forum that most real contributors migrated elsewhere.


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                I was let back but was quickly banned again when I queried how a post from site owner changed names and the new name became global moderator after being a new member for one day


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                  I remember asking the question why Freddy Boyw was unable to contact CLA, as they do answer my emails for information on cases they have published. Never did get an answer to that question, I wonder why. At least this forum is doing a good job. Well done.


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                    This is the only forum of its kind in the European sector of timeshare, that to my knowledge, is totally consumer owned and led. We take our independence very seriously in the belief that someday we will be in a position of real influence and we hope that we will be called upon to voice consumer concerns and play a role in the much needed reforming of what is becoming a sad and sorry industry due to it`s misuse and abuse of the very people who sustain it.