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Bits of news from The Canaries

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  • Bits of news from The Canaries

    The councils are trying to ban electric scooters and bikes from the footpaths. That is both the riding of them and the parking of them. This is after representations from wheelchair users. Further news is that after Brexit and the demise of Thomas Cooks, the Spanish government, in order to make the islands more cost effective and attractive to Brits, They are now talking about allowing Brits to claim back the 7% vat that we get charged in shops and restaurants. Other none EU country visitors such as Russians and Eastern Europeans are allowed to claim this back so it is being argued to extend this to visitors from The UK once we are no longer in the EU as they accept that we Brits are their largest customers.

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    There is still some confusion over driving licences as we are not now leaving the EU on 31st Oct. It seems that we will be able to drive on the continent using our British documents until such time as we do leave the European Union. After which time we will need an International Licence or we will need to exchange the licence for one in the country we are visiting, such as Spain. In order to exchange it seems that the licence has to be handed in to the police who exchange it for a spanish one. You do not appear to be given your british licence back and so would have to request a new copy licence from the DVLA. Not very helpful but it seems that at present cooperation is not on the agenda in Spain. It may however change if this silly idea has a negative impact on tourism figures which are already under pressure from the demise of Thomas Cook. Incidently the hotel lobby groups have had some success in the Supreme Courts in Spain with regards to allowing local councils to decide for themselves if singly owned apartments will be allowed to be legally let out in lengthy periods when owners are not occupying them. It remains to be seen how this will impact on residential resorts in tourist areas, on islands such as The Canaries.