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  • Are there any

    This area has been open for some time with no posts so does it mean there are no good guys

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    No. What it means is that we are working on the fine details of introducing some good guys to our forums.
    Obviously we need to be totally sure that the Good Guys who we eventually introduce will be bringing true value and hopefully some different experiences to your holiday options. Work is progressing as we speak but we are not putting timescales on it.

    Someone really clever once coined the phrase. "More haste less speed"


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      So your having a problem finding any


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        Originally posted by KEITH HURST View Post
        So your having a problem finding any
        Not at all Keith, you will just have to wait and see though.


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          In December I will be 77 up to now I have never seen a flying pig. time is not giving me good odds on seeing one now
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